How do I BENEFIT from PTP’s programs?

Customized ART. Superior MESSAGING. Nothing Cookie-Cutter.

Why is PTP different?


Highest Quality. Best Strategies. Most Experience.

Qualified Prospects ™

A long-term, strategic marketing plan that identifies and connects with the 10% of the audience that matters.

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Key Zip Mail ™

Direct mail is like grabbing a TV spot and unfolding it so that it tells a complete story.

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Blitz At-Work ™

Influence listeners at the time of decision when there are 160 Quarter Hours available. Influence viewers when they are poised to make their decisions for appointment television.

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SocialBounce ™

Enhance the effectiveness of campaigns through social touch points and digital word of mouth.

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If your most important connection is with your customer, connecting with us is a close second.

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